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Pay Per Click Campaigns, PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a pay for performance method of online marketing usually associated with search engines. Advertisers bid for search terminology and the person with the highest bid gets the number one placement. Every time someone clicks on your paid link you pay the price that you bid. In the same respect if no one clicks your links you pay nothing even though your ad is still visible.

Many corporations do not want to manage their PPC Campaigns because as people compete for search terms the prices can change for the top position. It is important to manage this to build a rock solid pay per click campaign.

One of the most overlooked steps in PPC is testing. Extensive amounts of testing needs to be run in order to track your PPC campaigns efficiency. Many inexperienced marketers waste exorbitant amounts of money bidding on ineffective keywords.

Developing Your PPC Campaign

We ensure that the search terms you pay for are for the search terms your potential customers are looking for. We also design landing pages for every search term to boost relevancy. These steps will ensure the increase on your pay per click campaign, lower bounce rates, and increase conversions to boost your return on investment.

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